Apocalyptic Aftermath

Catching up

The group returned to Crunch to prepare for assault upon the kobolds. Here they met up with Carmichael and Vincent, whom oined the happy group. Their initial assault upon the kobolds was going well enough until the drums began to pound and a powerful dragonkind kobold in black scales appeared. If it were for a passing through mage of some sort summoning a pack of dire wolfs the group may well have been ended.

After this initial assault the group realized they need supplies and rest so they returned to the town. After meeeting several new towndwellers, the group rested for the evening, some alone in their beds, others, not quite so. The following morning the town was deserted, and was beset upon by a brood of lizard folk and a locath mage, after repelling the invaders, the group realized something was wrong. They discovered a small caravan from the lizard folk with several new members, unfortunatly, Stephen and Target found it first, and were killed by an ambush.

Three new members oined the group, Torik, an older halfelf crippled man who claimed to see the future, a haughty half orc with a dislike for magic, and a (insert rafe here) oined the group. Upon reflecting upon some visions from the oracle the group was given some hints to follow and perhaps a new quest or two to seek.



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