Apocalyptic Aftermath

Into the Dragon Trio Den

Upon entering the cave, after recovering from the ambush, the adventurers see several skeletons. They immediatly assault one of them, only to have him run off. They continue on until the rogue discovers a pile of gold coins next to a Kobold corpse. Naturally, the rogue picks up these coins, as the group chases the fleeing skeleton. Suddenly they find themselves set upon by 8 kobolds and 2 skeletons.

The cleric noticed a fell chill in the air, distancing him from his deity, and strengthening the undead, healing them slowly. Just as the group begins to damage the kobolds an entire army of undead come from he north crying out “thieeeefffffff” After a few moments the group realizes the skeletons are only attacking due to the gold the rogue had taken. She hurls the coin away, and the skeletons turn upon the kobolds.

After the kobolds have been dispatched the undead begin to wander off, and the group continues on. They pass near a hundred skeletons including some giant ones stomping on the remains of a splattered minotaur. At the end the group finds a giant cavern, in which sit a Draco-lich, a Bone dragon and an Ancient Black Dragon. The dragons force the group to choose amongst 4 other adventurers, three would die, 1 would live. After minutes of delibiration the group decides upon Freeing the gunslinger, while promising the bard to assist her sister.

The dragons reward the group members with a single item from their trove as well as the blackened shield. After retrieving their trinkets the group heads out, to an ambush with a minotaur and two powerful kobolds. A few bloody minutes later the kobolds and minotaur lie dead, and several group mates pull their battered forms back to conciousness to begin planning their next move…



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