Apocalyptic Aftermath

Catching up

The group returned to Crunch to prepare for assault upon the kobolds. Here they met up with Carmichael and Vincent, whom oined the happy group. Their initial assault upon the kobolds was going well enough until the drums began to pound and a powerful dragonkind kobold in black scales appeared. If it were for a passing through mage of some sort summoning a pack of dire wolfs the group may well have been ended.

After this initial assault the group realized they need supplies and rest so they returned to the town. After meeeting several new towndwellers, the group rested for the evening, some alone in their beds, others, not quite so. The following morning the town was deserted, and was beset upon by a brood of lizard folk and a locath mage, after repelling the invaders, the group realized something was wrong. They discovered a small caravan from the lizard folk with several new members, unfortunatly, Stephen and Target found it first, and were killed by an ambush.

Three new members oined the group, Torik, an older halfelf crippled man who claimed to see the future, a haughty half orc with a dislike for magic, and a (insert rafe here) oined the group. Upon reflecting upon some visions from the oracle the group was given some hints to follow and perhaps a new quest or two to seek.

Into the Dragon Trio Den

Upon entering the cave, after recovering from the ambush, the adventurers see several skeletons. They immediatly assault one of them, only to have him run off. They continue on until the rogue discovers a pile of gold coins next to a Kobold corpse. Naturally, the rogue picks up these coins, as the group chases the fleeing skeleton. Suddenly they find themselves set upon by 8 kobolds and 2 skeletons.

The cleric noticed a fell chill in the air, distancing him from his deity, and strengthening the undead, healing them slowly. Just as the group begins to damage the kobolds an entire army of undead come from he north crying out “thieeeefffffff” After a few moments the group realizes the skeletons are only attacking due to the gold the rogue had taken. She hurls the coin away, and the skeletons turn upon the kobolds.

After the kobolds have been dispatched the undead begin to wander off, and the group continues on. They pass near a hundred skeletons including some giant ones stomping on the remains of a splattered minotaur. At the end the group finds a giant cavern, in which sit a Draco-lich, a Bone dragon and an Ancient Black Dragon. The dragons force the group to choose amongst 4 other adventurers, three would die, 1 would live. After minutes of delibiration the group decides upon Freeing the gunslinger, while promising the bard to assist her sister.

The dragons reward the group members with a single item from their trove as well as the blackened shield. After retrieving their trinkets the group heads out, to an ambush with a minotaur and two powerful kobolds. A few bloody minutes later the kobolds and minotaur lie dead, and several group mates pull their battered forms back to conciousness to begin planning their next move…

The beginning

Almost 100 hundred years ago, a plague of necromancers ruled the Continent on which our story starts. They ran roughshod toppling all but the mightiest of cities. The goodly gods called upon all their heroes and champions to fight this evil force. On the verge of being overwhelmed, the clerics and paladins ripped their holy symbols from their necks, and sacrificed their powers, lives and bonds to their gods for the most powerful miracle in known history. Holy lightningbolts ripped through the enemy armies and the ground spewed forth holy flames and erupted into gaping chasms.

When the dust cleared, a full tenth of the continent lay in burnt charred rubble. The necromancers had been smart, and they went after the elder races first, nearly wiping them out, before turning towards the humans. In the years folowing the aftermath the wild races, such as goblins and kobolds have grown in power, no longer held in check by the elder races. Even the mighty city of Toradil that withstood the necromancers assault, has since fallen to goblinoids. Magic is no longer trusted, and magic users are treated as disease ridden slaves. The few remaining members of the clergy, and even their new initiates are met with a bit more respect by some, but still loathed by most.

Our adventurers story takes place in a small elven hamlet protected by a powerful elder druid in the middle of a dead forest. Our adventurers, attracted by duty, a need of adventure or just plain unluckiness are here on the day when two feuding factions of kobolds arive seeking an alliance of sort.

One sides claims to be the rightful king of the kobold tribe nearby, and that the other is an usurper. The other claims he is. After a long discussion going nowhere, the druid demands the kobolds leave. One of the kobolds whispers to the group where to find him as he leaves, while the others make open threats hidden in inuendo (as far as kobolds go, but the adventurers are not fooled)

Upon the exiting of he kobolds, these brave warriors, the Dwarven cleric, the Ratling rogue and the Human ranger decide to go speak to the one that gave them his location for a meeting. Is he planning an ambush? Is he legit? Who knows?! Tune in next time!

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