Apocalyptic Aftermath

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The beginning

Almost 100 hundred years ago, a plague of necromancers ruled the Continent on which our story starts. They ran roughshod toppling all but the mightiest of cities. The goodly gods called upon all their heroes and champions to fight this evil force. On the verge of being overwhelmed, the clerics and paladins ripped their holy symbols from their necks, and sacrificed their powers, lives and bonds to their gods for the most powerful miracle in known history. Holy lightningbolts ripped through the enemy armies and the ground spewed forth holy flames and erupted into gaping chasms.

When the dust cleared, a full tenth of the continent lay in burnt charred rubble. The necromancers had been smart, and they went after the elder races first, nearly wiping them out, before turning towards the humans. In the years folowing the aftermath the wild races, such as goblins and kobolds have grown in power, no longer held in check by the elder races. Even the mighty city of Toradil that withstood the necromancers assault, has since fallen to goblinoids. Magic is no longer trusted, and magic users are treated as disease ridden slaves. The few remaining members of the clergy, and even their new initiates are met with a bit more respect by some, but still loathed by most.

Our adventurers story takes place in a small elven hamlet protected by a powerful elder druid in the middle of a dead forest. Our adventurers, attracted by duty, a need of adventure or just plain unluckiness are here on the day when two feuding factions of kobolds arive seeking an alliance of sort.

One sides claims to be the rightful king of the kobold tribe nearby, and that the other is an usurper. The other claims he is. After a long discussion going nowhere, the druid demands the kobolds leave. One of the kobolds whispers to the group where to find him as he leaves, while the others make open threats hidden in inuendo (as far as kobolds go, but the adventurers are not fooled)

Upon the exiting of he kobolds, these brave warriors, the Dwarven cleric, the Ratling rogue and the Human ranger decide to go speak to the one that gave them his location for a meeting. Is he planning an ambush? Is he legit? Who knows?! Tune in next time!

Into the Dragon Trio Den

Upon entering the cave, after recovering from the ambush, the adventurers see several skeletons. They immediatly assault one of them, only to have him run off. They continue on until the rogue discovers a pile of gold coins next to a Kobold corpse. Naturally, the rogue picks up these coins, as the group chases the fleeing skeleton. Suddenly they find themselves set upon by 8 kobolds and 2 skeletons.

The cleric noticed a fell chill in the air, distancing him from his deity, and strengthening the undead, healing them slowly. Just as the group begins to damage the kobolds an entire army of undead come from he north crying out “thieeeefffffff” After a few moments the group realizes the skeletons are only attacking due to the gold the rogue had taken. She hurls the coin away, and the skeletons turn upon the kobolds.

After the kobolds have been dispatched the undead begin to wander off, and the group continues on. They pass near a hundred skeletons including some giant ones stomping on the remains of a splattered minotaur. At the end the group finds a giant cavern, in which sit a Draco-lich, a Bone dragon and an Ancient Black Dragon. The dragons force the group to choose amongst 4 other adventurers, three would die, 1 would live. After minutes of delibiration the group decides upon Freeing the gunslinger, while promising the bard to assist her sister.

The dragons reward the group members with a single item from their trove as well as the blackened shield. After retrieving their trinkets the group heads out, to an ambush with a minotaur and two powerful kobolds. A few bloody minutes later the kobolds and minotaur lie dead, and several group mates pull their battered forms back to conciousness to begin planning their next move…

Catching up

The group returned to Crunch to prepare for assault upon the kobolds. Here they met up with Carmichael and Vincent, whom oined the happy group. Their initial assault upon the kobolds was going well enough until the drums began to pound and a powerful dragonkind kobold in black scales appeared. If it were for a passing through mage of some sort summoning a pack of dire wolfs the group may well have been ended.

After this initial assault the group realized they need supplies and rest so they returned to the town. After meeeting several new towndwellers, the group rested for the evening, some alone in their beds, others, not quite so. The following morning the town was deserted, and was beset upon by a brood of lizard folk and a locath mage, after repelling the invaders, the group realized something was wrong. They discovered a small caravan from the lizard folk with several new members, unfortunatly, Stephen and Target found it first, and were killed by an ambush.

Three new members oined the group, Torik, an older halfelf crippled man who claimed to see the future, a haughty half orc with a dislike for magic, and a (insert rafe here) oined the group. Upon reflecting upon some visions from the oracle the group was given some hints to follow and perhaps a new quest or two to seek.

July 2nd update

The group headed on their way to finally go put down the Kobold uprising and assert Crunch back to his throne. After dealing with the menageries of a Red Robed wizard the group managed to do exactly that whilst alos discovering ancient lore on the orbs of power. The orbs are reputed to be remnants of Mystra the goddess of magic. Dr. Strange even manages to get his hands on one, which greatly boosts his mental capacity. Tierdrah and Tolarous acquire a few mutataed dire bats.
Upon clearing out the dungeon the group followed the wayward doctor who had stumbled through a portal, and found themselves staring down the barrels of several cannons and pistols belonging to a boat of sailors. An older man named Minster commanded the ship. He explained how the sahuagin in this area had killed nearly all of the non sahuagin residents in this area.
The sailors coerced the group to join them. On the boat they glimpsed several very powerful beings to include a boy called “Lathander” that seemed to appear and disappear at will. The sailors taught those unused to range weapons on how to wield them to prepare for a potential sahuagin menace. During this time Whimsy managed to have a bluesheen added to her armor and the doctor was taught a new spell by Eliminster.
Several days later the sahuagin ambushed the boat, somehow sneaking aboard and slaying Minster. The group only managed to evade being destroyed by the warning of the Oracle. Carmichael however, was not found. Floundering in the sea, the group was rescued by a small contingent of Sea Elves on their way to a city they called the Pearl of the Coast.
Upon entering the large city, Pearl of the coast, the group of Sea Elves deposited the party upon the dock, where several armed men and a familiar old man stood. This man was the other half of Minster, El. He welcomed, and thanked the group for their information and attempt in trying to help stop the Sahuagin. He asked them if they would like to contribute their strength to the town as many things needed being done. After some deliberation the group eventually decided to assist.
The tasks they were given were to discover the cause and stop the disappearance of the townsfolk, stop the hordes of undead from raiding the city by stopping the source, and aiding the Sea Elves reclaim their relic of power from the sahuagin. The group was paid up front a sum of 100,000 gold pieces for their work. They decided to check out the northern crypt first and decided to take a day to prepare.
That night their path was changed by an alarm on the northern outskirts. Upon arrival the group saw Sisca, the beautiful Halfling Tavern owner lying mortally wounded on the ground, whilst her husband Cort was further ahead shattering a skeletal army in his furlong form. Healers from the city determined something was draining the woman’s constitution and a trail of rat prints seemed to lead to the sewer grates.
The following day the group decided to head to the sewers instead. Upon entering the sewers, one of the party triggered an alarm that sent the were rats scurrying towards the adventurers, hidden in shadows. The Doctor attacked first, launching a firebomb around the corner. After a minute of intense fighting, all the were rats lie dead and the group progressed on. They fought through plane touched rooms of shadow, sound water and fire.
They slew the leaders of the were rats allowing only one to escape to town, whom later met up with Tolarous asking for help with a cure. The group discovered a Bronze dragon they immediately fled from and did not return. They also freed an angel, with dire consequences. Upon the group splitting up to free the Angel, the Red robed wizard appeared and killed Torrik the teleported away again, leaving several party members in shock at the abruptness of the attack.
Vincent discovered a book that could be used to cure the lycanthropy and the group freed a very small number of villagers that had not been changed yet. Upon return to the city, the Dr brewed up a potion to cure a single person; by failing to stopper the vial fast enough on a second try and making the purple wurm venom go inert. They cured Sisca, who told them she could get more, even if it took a few days.
During this time the group met Mizfuna the self proclaimed “Mighty” a celestial sorcerer of no small power who said his god sent him to assist the party in Torrik’s absence. A Tension existed in some history between Despo and Mizfuna but no one took any further notice. They headed out to the northern crypt after a bit of research. Thinking they were ready to fight demons the group met up with a goblin who claimed to be a poison master.
Initially ignored they carried on and locked him in. That night there was a strange aura in the air, and when the party seemed to freeze in place, Tolarous wandered off and found a dying blighter. The blighter told his companion to assist the ranger before dying. During this time, the goblin escaped, but the group gave it no further thought. The following day, the Dr. teleported the group to the graveyard that was their goal.
Upon viewing the mausoleum, Whimsy detected a horrible sense of evil. The group entered and found 4 large sarcophagi in upright positions positioned around a pedestal with a book on it. Upon closer inspection the book appeared to be made of some sort of flesh. The doctor lifted the book up, causing the sarcophagi to blast open and reveal the mummies inside. John quickly dispatched one in a roar of musket fire. As the other party members began to attack, the Doctor began to read the book.
Upon uttering the first verse, skeletons arose outside ambushing Tolarous who had been scouting for a hidden entrance deeper into the mausoleum. Most of the skeletons were weak, and easily dispatched. The black skeletons proved a bit more formidable but caused little damage in the long run. During the fight the doctor read a passage causing the floor to open up into a new set of tunnels. The group quickly routed and destroyed the remaining undead and entered the catacombs.
The first room was full of vampire fledglings and the group managed to destroy them with ease freeing a prisoner who joined them as an adventuring cleric. Whimsy made a deal with the last remaining vampire allowing it to live for a future favor to be later determined. While the group was discussing the turn of events, Tierdrah snuck off scouting. During her foray she discovered she has the capability to do small teleporting hops if she wishes to be elsewhere, and a new rune appeared on her bracer. (3rd power)
Around this time, an old Vampire had wandered close to Tolarous and told him to steer clear of the Northern room or his “kind” would destroy our stalwart adventurers. They have acquiesced… so far…
The group, unaware of what Tierdrah was doing snuck up ahead, trying to be stealthy. Little did they know the bone golem room was attuned to attack anything with a life force. After a hard fought victory against three of these behemoths the group managed to stumble into a trap loaded hallway. While fiddling with said trap, a poisoned and weakened Tierdrah reappeared and put the traps down.
Mizfuna the might celestial sorcerer suggested they recuperate, and sanctified the room with flicker, his lantern archon on guard. Upon waking flicker explained some odd sounds he had heard during the night. The cleric not seeming to care continued down the deactivated hallway, to his chagrin, as a Cloud kill trap fired off. Suddenly one of the group members remembered Flicker mentioning something about a thump on the door and they turned.
Attached to the door was a note, from someone called “The Silvered One” written in High draconic. The note warned them the traps had been reset, and had a marker to the portcullis and the North Eastern room that went upstairs. The group decided to follow the note, and upon approaching the downed portcullis, their new Cleric suggested Liliana the succubus teleport and flip the lever, which she did. It took a bit of bitching though as both Despo and Liliana seemed to be transfixed upon the door to the Northern room where the vampire instructed the group not to go.
Entering this new room, the group saw a huge blood fountain and a stone wall blocking their progress forward in accordance to the map. The cleric again, filled with clever ideas, asked the blood mage to use the fountain to blast down the wall. The blood mage slit his own arm, stuck it into the fountain and screamed a word of power at the wall until it shattered. Then he began drawing sigils on the ground as the group progressed forward.
After a lot of time was wasted on the stairs, as the group is now paranoid from the heavily trapped hallway they found their way to a locked door. Tierdrah easily unlocked it then retreated to the shadows. Doctor strange opened the door, and saw a strangely clad Mummy. Its wrappings were like obsidian stone and it sat staring at the door on the opposite wall chanting. The doctor panicked seeing a mummy in the room, tossed in two bombs and slammed the door shut. The bombs blasted into the Mummy wounding him horribly.
Infuriated he marched to the door with his enchanted wrappings firing off Symbol of Fear, symbol of stunning, symbol of (?) as well as his own despair activating, incapacitating nearly the entire party. The gunslinger and the ranger fired the second the door opening landing massive damage even as the spells took hold of Vincent stunning him. The cleric began to run in panicked fear. Only the ranger, outside the range of the Mummy’s spells was unaffected. The mummy seeing the doctor, knowing somehow, that he threw the bombs, cast a slay living at him, which he somehow survived despite the garish wounds opening up upon his person.
Before the Mummy could cast another spell however, the ranger downed him his bow firing off on all cylinders to include the mystical extra rune arrow. The defeated Mummy turned to dust, but not before muttering, “You fools, do you know what you have done?” The symbols no longer receiving power deactivated and released the party. Suddenly Mizfuna and Flicker started yelling apologies into open air and asking for another chance when they keeled over, dead. At this same time, the note within the Doctor’s pocket, from the Silvered One, burst into flames. Tolarus turned looking for the blood mage, but all he saw was flaming footprints wandering towards the Northern door….


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